Is There Any Costs Involved ?

To list a place of interest there is no cost.  As soon we need to put contact details and more there is a small charge applicable.   If you are a paid client on our directories there will be NO cost at all.  Small videos can also been showed when uploaded on YouTube.

Who Can Become a Author ?

Any person that is concern of places of interests in South Africa.  Maybe you are on pension,  or a nature lover,  maybe someone who is interested in the history or knowing of places that you want to share with people around you.

We looking for people who loved South Africa and want to share it with the rest.   Please register and we will send you a step by step instruction how you can start straight forward.

You also can make an income out of your traveling.  Maybe you are a owner of a drone business and want to put up your places of interests please feel free to join our team.

For more information please fill in the online registration on our contact us page.

Hope to meet you soon !!