This 4 ha property belonged to Happy Day Tours form the early 1930s to 1964. They used to bring tour groups onto the overhanging rock, which hangs over approximately 2.5m. They used Mr Clyde Sussens and his tame pet leopard Suzie to pose on the overhanging rock for advertising in the local papers.

In 1964 Happy Day Tours sold the property to a private owner so from then on there was no access back onto the rock. We (Andries & Sue Bruwer) bought the property in September 2000 with the idea of building a house, we started clearing all the invading plants out and discovered the overhanging rock. The neighbours told us that it was on this property, but it was so overgrown that you could not get to it. We decided to open a view site for people to be able to come and see it again, and got such a overwhelming response with so many of the people asking why they could not have coffee and cake with this view, that we decided to open a Coffee Shop. There is not many places in this country where you can sit down and have a meal with such a spectacular view. We started building in August 2002 and opened to the public in December 2002 and have never looked back. We grew due to public demand from a shop that was serving mainly sandwiches, cake and tea to a restaurant that offers anything from breakfast to steaks, salads etc. and there is our scrumptious homemade cakes etc too. All our food is made fresh on the premises. We might not be very fancy but we do it with a lot of love.

Six amazing things to do when you are there:
  • Take your sherry to the deck and sip it watching the most incredible bird life and then see the sun slowly set and the silhouettes of the mountain as darkness creeps over the valley
  • Dim all the lights, light all the candles in the bathroom, throw handfuls of special Leopard Rock bath salts in the Jacuzzi for two and just wallow your stress away
  • Prepare your dinner as per instruction and light the lanterns, take your favourite CDs, as a sound-system is supplied, eat by candlelight and then dance
  • In the morning shower stark naked on a special outside deck overlooking the valley. Wow, what an experience!
  • Don’t miss the English breakfast included in the price – it comes with sausages, bacons, eggs, toast tomatoes, the works!!!
  • Before you leave, go and have a photo taken on Leopard Rock – and check out the amazing history of the place in the Coffee Shop.